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Bob Thompson, founder of Thompson Educational Foundation, offered Detroit Public Schools $200 Million to build new schools for the failing school district in 2005.

Five years after DPS rejected his gift, TEF has opened its seventh charter school - University Prep Science & Math High School.

By transforming undesirable land and renovating former DPS schools, a former furniture factory, and the first parking structure in North America, the Thompson Educational Foundation continues to supply the trajectory of students in Detroit to college while cleaning up the city with the help of Resendes Design Group.

Resendes Design Group is now working on an eighth school for the Foundation.

University Prep Science & Math High School

Thompson Educational Foundation 90/90 Charter School
Thompson Educational Foundation’s newest 94,000 g.s.f high school opened to receive 468 students for Fall 2010 school year. Three existing, 20,000 s.f. floors were renovated into office, classroom, and laboratory space.  Francis Resendes served as Principal in Charge.

An addition was added above with a complete gymnasium, and dining hall with outdoor terrace. Each floor has a north and south student commons area where students gather to create science and math experiments, 3-D models, and more.

With the building located only two blocks from the Chene Park Amplitheater, this school has stunning views of the Detroit Riverfront from the terrace and upper level classroom windows. 
The open, transparent floor plan and large windows allow light to flood the space. 

Students feel immersed, engaged and discover their vital part in Detroit’s future community and economic success.
Prior to TEF's acquisition, the building served as a furniture factory warehouse.
Project completed under GunnLevine Architects.