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Davenport University, W.A. Lettinga Campus

Richard M Devos and Jay VanAndel Academic Center
Student Housing & Master Plan
Caledonia Township, Michigan
The Davenport University South Campus project is the University’s “flagship” location anchoring the business school’s 30 satellite campuses in Michigan and northern Indiana. The new 2,400-student campus is located on a 43-acre site.

The project was constructed in two phases with the first phase breaking ground in the spring of 2004. The campus provides the Grand Rapids area with a new academic building complete with an information commons area and a fitness center. To support the new location and the increased student population, two residence halls were also constructed. The expansive site in Caledonia Township allowed the design to incorporate some of the leisure activities complimentary to student housing such as an exercise path and park space.

The design reflects the view to the future that Davenport professes as well as the University’s core curriculum. As a business school, the buildings’ imagery embraces a corporate approach. Davenport wants their students to view their introduction to the campus as their “first day on the job.”   Much of the exterior is metal panel and glass with details both inside and out that embrace the students into the business world.  Brick accents and bases provide the buildings with the traditional feel that is enjoyed by the educational community.  

Projects completed under GunnLevine Architects.